For the last few years, U.S. Customs has been increasing its focus on auditing importers and exporters. Customs uses a variety of factors to choose which companies are audited, meaning that even small or seemingly-compliant companies may be chosen. Rules such as Reasonable Care place a large responsibility on companies to verify their Customs compliance.

If Customs has questions about your importing practices, has provided you with a questionnaire or notified you of an audit, we can help you comply with Customs’ requirements. We will help you identify areas of non-compliance and decide how best to disclose them to Customs.

As part of our Audit Assistance service, we will:

  • Review and prepare questionnaires.
  • Attend the initial audit/importer meeting.
  • Review Customs’ selected sample transactions for completeness, accuracy in order to understand the level of compliance prior to submission to Customs.
  • Continue to provide technical support throughout the audit.

The best way to be prepared for inquiries from Customs is to regularly review your trade compliance. Our team of compliance experts is available to assist with internal reviews and will be next to your side through any Customs audits.