All businesses with international transactions must have compliance procedures in place. Proactively developing a compliance program helps to keep your company operating smoothly, limits the threat of penalties, and enhances supply chain management.

Within the U.S. alone, importers and exporters are bound by the regulations enforced by – at the very least – Customs and Border Protection, Bureau of Industry and Securities, Department of Commerce, Department of State, Office of Foreign Asset Controls, etc.

Many of the scenarios impacting your supply chain are ones that operational personnel may not be trained to handle, such as record keeping requirements, CBP-approved valuation methods, or Free Trade Agreement

M-PACT can help develop the compliance program that is right for you, whether that is a focused program or a generalized program for all of your compliance needs.

The program is presented in a detailed compliance manual that is organized by trade subjects and any scenario relevant to your operations. Brief desk procedures are provided in order to ensure that operations personnel have a compliance checklist for international transactions.