The U.S. Trade Representative has determined that the European Union (EU) and certain member States have denied U.S. rights under the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement and have failed to implement WTO Dispute Settlement Body recommendations concerning certain subsidies to the EU large civil aircraft industry.


The U.S. Trade Representative has determined to take action in the form of additional duties on products of certain member States of the EU, as specified in FRN.


See the full list of EU goods which are subject to additional duties here.


What you should know about this list:


  • There are 15 sections (parts; groups) each with a unique list of EU countries who’s good are the additional duties.
    • For now, the Excel file list 2 references to the (15) groupings in case you need to refer back to the source document. (FRN Oct 9 “Section” vs Oct 18 “part”)
  • The Oct 9,2019 FRN Action was amended in Oct 18, 2019 FRN
  • 8 digit HTS 8505.11.00 – is listed on Oct 9,2019 FRN Action. However, this 8 digit code is omitted from the list in FRN Oct 18,2019 – this applies to 8505.11.00 goods of Germany country of origin.