The 3 P’s: PEA’s, Protests, and Prior Disclosures


Do you know the different between the 3 P’s?  Do you know when it is appropriate to submit a protest to US Customs?  Do you want to know how and why you should correct your entry summary?  All of these issues can be very stressful if you are not prepared.  Allow us to help you [...]

Customs-Trade Partnership Aganist Terrorism (C-TPAT)


Does your business already participate in C-TPAT or would you like to know how this program will benefit your business?  We will discuss how to apply for the C-TPAT program, the principles of supply chain security as well as the best practices that we have found with other clients. Cost: $100

Intro to Free Trade Agreements and Preferential Trade Programs


Does your company want to know if they can take advantage of a Free Trade Program? In this webinar, we will help you figure that out?  There are currently 14 FTA’s with the US and we can help guide you through the qualification process. Cost: $100

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