On December 6, 2019, the U.S. Trade Representative announced a determination that France’s Digital Services Tax (DST) is unreasonable or discriminatory and burdens or restricts U.S. commerce.

The US recently announced that starting next year, it would impose a 25 percent tariff on $1.3 billion worth of imports from France, including cosmetics, soap, and handbags. US importers of French wine dodged the new tariffs, which were a retaliatory move against a French tax on US technologies companies.

The new additional tariffs on France will be in effect on January 6, 2021, at the end of 180-day suspension period. The reporting number for this new additional tariff on France is 9903.90.01.

M-PACT Solutions has also put together an EU Section 301 tool, which can be found here. This tool is a matrix of EU Countries and HTS codes subject to additional 301 additional tariffs as the U.S. Action in response to both EU’s Large Civil Aircraft subsidies and France Digital Tax.

Source: Federal Register